Izzy Leslie’s new chapbook, it’s my party, is officially available now!


it’s my party is the strawberry scented glitter roller of poetry, if tween cosmetics bought at Claire’s had an anxiety disorder. It follows a year in a neurotic girl’s lifelong search for serenity and her occasional acceptance that happiness is not an experience that reaches a terminus, but ephemeral like a single bite of ice cream cake.

Izzy Leslie is a writer and digital artist from Portland, Oregon. She can be found on Twitter @badplantmom. She has no chill.

Very contemporary, very internet and very femme! Izzy’s poems create the dizzying sensation of riding top-down in a pink convertible for the first time. Her poems are present, heartfelt and invigorating; the dream palace where the internet and poetry meet. – Kate Durbin, writer, digital and performance artist

izzy leslie’s “it’s my party” is rose-gold effervescent. it is sand stuck to a tanning thigh at the beach. ‘this baroque romantic daze. i’m barf’ is one of the best lines i’ve read in a while; ‘like when the music cuts and we can hear how loud we were under it.’ is another. read this book if you miss the beach or your partner or the color purple or anything at all. 🙂 – Shy Watson, author of Cheap Yellow

Like sitting in the sun, crying and feeling weird while biting into a ripe peach, its my party is a sweet, lush gem of honest + beautiful poetry. – Simon DeFeo, editor, glo worm press

It’s my party is a powerful and calm book that is dense with imagery and feelings. Inspiring poems! – Christian Patterson, author of an alternate reality where Mello Yello is more popular than Mtn Dew

Purchase your copy today!

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