Moon Crumbs, by Sheila Dong, Bottlecap Press, Bottlecap Press

Moon Crumbs, by Sheila Dong

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Prose poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Press.

What are moon crumbs? Tidbits to light your way. Surreal, poem-like pieces that tell of hurt transfigured to healing, of the strangeness and wonder of growing up, of finding beauty in the face of inevitable loss. Moon crumbs are bite-sized, paragraph-length confections that taste alternately sweet, bitter, and savory; playful, sad, and rapturous. The speakers in this chapbook find their joy in nature, language, body, and artifacts of living, but most of all in love and human connection. So what are moon crumbs? Call them prose poems, call them lyrical vignettes, call them snacks for the soul, sprinkled down from a luminous place.

Sheila Dong grew up in Tucson, AZ and attained an MFA in poetry from Oregon State University. Their words have appeared in Arcturus, Moonsick Magazine, Menacing Hedge, and a campfire on the Oregon coast, among other places. Moon crumbs is their first chapbook.