Little Earthquakes, by Emily Kinney, Illustrated by tinytoastcrumbs

Little Earthquakes, by Emily Kinney, Illustrated by tinytoastcrumbs

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Poetry, paperback, 76 pages, illustrated, from Bottlecap Press.

The voices in your head are powerful. They come in as loud as a thunderstorm, or as quiet as a little bug scurrying to its death as it kamikazes itself into the backyard pool. They can make you love yourself, and they can make you hate yourself, and boy do they always seem to tell the truth. No matter the volume, the voices can shake you up as much as if the ground really were quaking beneath you—just non-stop little earthquakes!

Little Earthquakes is a collection of poems exploring all those voices. There are the ones that keep you up at night scrolling Instagram and analyzing old text messages. There are the ones watching you like a weirdo judge-y neighbor.

Then there are the seemingly softer ones keeping you company when you are alone, but constantly asking, “where are all the grownups, who’s going to kill the spiders, and who will take care of me if I get sick?”

Who’s in charge here?? Is it God?….or is it supposed to be me? Am i expected to be the adult around here?!?

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Emily retreated to the couch in several layers of clothing and blankets and turned these voices into poems while listening to Rilo Kiley and sipping Jack Daniels whiskey with lots of ice. She wrote the poems mostly for her best friend Hayley, who was stranded in London with her parents. Emily knew Hayley would appreciate the silly, dark scribbles. The two women have a mutual understanding that sometimes sad things are actually very funny. Hayley is a touring bass player as well as an illustrator. She is the creator of tinytoastcrumbs, which she describes as “sad love doodles.” Out of an abundance of boredom and no touring work, she started making her “toast crumbs” to go with the poems. One day the two got serious and started having “meetings” to organize their work.

Zoom calls from across the world!

Emily was in LA and Hayley in London. Emily was usually drinking coffee and Hayley was usually onto wine. The meetings were about 25% working on this book, 75% therapy and nursing each other through breakups, job losses and surviving this new world in lockdown.

Hayley and Emily believe that Little Earthquakes are much more manageable when shared with other people and therefore have a deep desire to makes sure this poetry collection reaches as many people as possible!

Emily Kinney is an actor, singer, song-writer, and poet. She grew up in a small town in Nebraska and moved to New York City to pursue acting and music: first working at coffee shops, and off-Broadway shows before landing a role on Broadway in Spring Awakening.

Emily has been a working actor for seventeen years and is best known for her role as Beth Greene on AMC’s hit TV show The Walking Dead. Her musical and writing talents continue to be featured in the show even after leaving the show. Most recently, Emily wrote “The Turtle and The Monkey” which was performed by the character Beta’s fictional band in Season 10. Currently, Emily can be seen on Netflix in the 2020 series, Messiah.

As a song-writer, Emily released her first EP, Blue Toothbrush in 2011. Since, Emily has released four albums, Expired Love, This is War, Oh Jonathan, and The Supporting Character. This is War charted on the Billboard 200 and lead to a 31-date national tour which ended with two sold out shows at The Troubadour.

Emily’s has previously written for Backstage and her poetry has been published in Darling magazine.

Emily currently lives in East LA and is set to release her next album, Swim Team, in 2022. She is also is the host of a popular podcast, My Caffeine Withdrawal, where she interviews and has coffee with her favorite bands.

Hayley Jane Batt is a bass player who grew up in London and attended Berklee college of music in Boston. Hayley and Emily met in 2015 when Hayley played on Emily’s This is War tour.

In addition to working with Emily, Hayley has worked and toured with artists such as BØRNS, Love Fame Tragedy, Adam Lambert, Hey Violet, Maddie Poppe, Zara Larsson and Madilyn Bailey. Notable performances include late night shows like The Late Late Show with James Corden, Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, The Ellen Show, and The Talk. She’s played at festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and many, many more.

Hayley also has a band with her brother, Luke Batt, called Superheart.

As an Illustrator, Hayley is the creator of tinytoastcrumbs. You can find her work on Instagram under the handle @tinytoastcrumbs.


Shipment begins December 13th, 2021.