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Heartbreak in the Lowcountry, by Acacia Markel Justice

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Acacia Markel Justice
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Heartbreak in The Lowcountry is about the ongoing trauma that Black women experience due to gentrification, homophobia, religion, and systemic racism in the Lowcountry of Georgia. This collection of poems pushes the reader to sit with the pain and confusion of internal colonization. It unveils the rites of passages that queer folk in the American South must conquer. Heartbreak In The Lowcountry captures the heaviness of the grief experienced by the Black youth. These poems are a display of vulnerability and intersectionality.

This chapbook is for our foremothers; it is a collection of war cries and sorrows from Black women in the South. It is the embodiment of the journey we must take to achieve stillness and self-love. These poems are for those who have been shamed, exiled, and abused into silence.

Acacia Markel is a self-taught poet and songwriter born and raised in Georgia. Throughout the years she has written many songs for herself and others. Recently featured in the audio play, Voices, directed by Aja Monet she is eager to leave her mark in the realm of poetry.