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Lucky, by Amy Watkins

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Bottlecap Press
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Poetry, chapbook, 29 pages, from Bottlecap Press.

My aunt said, “Leave her be.
You won’t get her outside that way
anyhow. You won’t bully that one
into anything.” She kept the most
immaculate house I’d ever seen,
and she was always dieting and
Sweatin’ to the Oldies,
and in her fifties she would leave
my uncle suddenly after thirty years
and move back home to Iowa.

Amy Watkins grew up with the cactus and armadillos in the central Florida scrub, a homeschooled kid with an old-time religion, a penchant for books and the fiddle, and a dream of owning her own Nintendo. In Lucky, Watkins tells a story of an unusual late-80s childhood with humor and an unforgiving eye for detail, sparing neither the sweetness nor the disappointment of family love.

Each poem is an answer to a prompt from Facebook’s “Did You Know” widget, innocuous questions that become risky when answered honestly: “A toy I always wanted but never had,” “One thing my dad always told me,” “If I could bring one person back to life…” The past, like the rural Florida landscape, is beautiful and dangerous.

Amy Watkins is the oldest child of a nurse and a carpenter. As a kid, she dreamed of being a doctor, an artist, and a contestant on Star Search. She became a writer instead. She is the author of the chapbooks Wolf Daughter (Sundress Publications) and Milk & Water (Yellow Flag Press). She lives in Orlando with her husband and daughter.