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Dear Annette, by Cole W. Williams

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Cole W. Williams
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Dear Annette, is a collection of epistle, poem letters, written from the voice of a woman taking ownership of an old broken-down farmhouse after it was hit by a hurricane. The letters are addressed to the previous owner who passed away shortly before the storm. This is a connection and conversation built on perceived loneliness and the transitory phases of life. This collection may ask what it means to be the current caretaker or guardian of a property, what do all “owners” of a property have in common and how can we extend a conversation through generations of stewardship and the touches the previous owner left carved into the land.

This collection of poems is fictional in nature as there never was a relationship: the letters are all one-way, or unopened if you will. Through the cleaning of the home and the uncovering of personal possessions, a type of reverence reveals itself; a tender relationship that can never be challenged.

Cole W. Williams is a poet, essayist, and hybrid writer. Williams won the Under Review’s 2022 chapbook contest for “The Pump” and was recognized by The Florida Review’s Humboldt Prize in 2023. Her piece, “The Godwin Essay” was recognized by the International Human Rights Arts Festival’s Creators of Justice Award; 2021. Williams attended the 2022 Bread Loaf Environmental Writers’ Conference within the poetry cohort and the 2023 Orion and Granta workshops.