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Another Girl, by Molly Zofia

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Molly Zofia
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Another Girl explores the shared female experience through the lens of my slow rejection of the male gaze and an acknowledgement of its effects on my life and others in a collection of coming-of-age poetry. This short collection was inspired by conversations with friends about feminine presenting identities and what they felt defined their existences and experiences within a patriarchal society.

Key themes of this collection include the effects of the patriarchy, reclamation of femininity, the intricacy of female relationships, and representation of women in popular culture. Another Girl is a love letter to women - all women - and a recognition of how much further society must go to ensure our safety.

Molly Zofia (She/Her) is a writer from London, UK. Her work commonly features themes
surrounding current affairs, social issues, and complex relationships. She is also the founder of Late Britain Zine, a non-profit literary and arts magazine that hopes to raise awareness for current affairs and social issues while creating a platform for all to feel heard. Another Girl is her first collection of poetry.