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Across the Cosmos, by Morgan Brady

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Morgan Brady
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Across the Cosmos is a vulnerable piece that lives and breathes all on its own. Brought to life across half a decade, this chapbook is a glorious insight both into the mind of the healed and the mind of the broken.

Across the Cosmos features a back and forth conversation between a teenager and her adult self, across the course of 16 pieces of poetry and prose. The aching sorrow of a truly hurt child / young adult is portrayed beautifully by the linguistic charm of the author's younger self; Only to be met by the optimistic, peaceful nature of her present day. To see the clash of someone in pain, and to know the outcome is their inevitable joy, is a wonderful, angsty thing.

All poems written by the “younger” author were legitimately written by the author at age sixteen, met by poems written by the author present-day at age twenty-one. The author’s love of writing has made it so that her heart has transcended time, making its way across the Universe. While the author may be healing present-day, the gift of writing has made it so that her younger-self’s pain can finally be heard in a safe, powerful way.

Now, rather than just being painful and heart-shattering, these poems from a broken spirit share a message. Healing is not only possible - it is (hopefully) inevitable.

Morgan Brady is a poet and storyteller. Since the moment a pencil was placed in her hand, she has been writing. This is her first publication, centering around topics derived from her unique experiences as a domestic violence survivor and mental health awareness advocate. Simply happy to still be here, Morgan hopes her work inspires those that read it to keep going. Her favorite things include soft music, vanilla candles, and constellations.