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Divine Misery, by Makylie Killian

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Makylie Killian
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Poetry, chapbook, 52 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

I'm not frightened of you, and all of your plans.

I am fearful of the ways in which I will abandon myself,
instead of holding my own hand.

This chapbook is for anyone who has gone looking within for how to love, express anger, or embrace sadness. Whether it’s on a long dissociative car drive while listening to that sad song on repeat, or maladaptive daydreaming saturated with nostalgic memories of someone you miss. Maybe even that validation you thought you had, or the cold hard abandon you felt like a sickness to your center in the middle of the night. Perhaps most relatable of all, a love you realized you never lost because you were searching for yourself inside of other people.

Makylie Killian is a poet, writer, and author of Silence of a Wildfower. She enjoys being playfully inspired by the tarot to write poetry, and finds creativity in working with her inner self. In Divine Misery, she selected poems from her personal stash in hopes that it will reach others who also look at the darkness in order to find inner truth.