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Tidal Stains, by Isabelle Winstead

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Poetry, prose, chapbook, 32 pages, illustrated, from Bottlecap Features.

Emotions, like tides, come and go. The ocean, like the subconscious, is full of unknowns. Driftwood, dead fish, and rocks stain the shore like poems in a notebook— remnants of a turbulent sea of consciousness. Poems are tidal stains, which Isabelle employs to reckon with her adolescence, femininity, and existence. "Larcenous crimes of opportunity presented with youthful indignation: myself in hyperbole," she describes.

Isabelle is nineteen and a junior at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Economics and Policy. In addition to Tidal Stains, she is writing her debut novel, Dear Camilla. In her free time, she likes to nap in public parks and play dead in pools. You can find her online at @isawinstead.