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valentine, by Valentin

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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

valentine, is a translation of vertigo that begins with a resignation from poetry. An experiment in hysteria, these poems are a funeral for restraint. valentine, is pregnant with queer gore. Gummy pink clowns throw parties, nurses promise ketamine for treatment resistance, and someone is finally brave enough to ask, “what farm do they raise the fireball cows on?”

Written between the ages of 18-21, valentine, is a thematic sequel to the author's first self published chapbook prince., written between the ages of 15-18. prince. was a love letter to metamorphosis and a document of trans adolescence. valentine, is an orgasm and a collection of questions. Emerging from teendom, this chapbook is a birthday party that is 3 years long.

Valentin (he/him) is a poet, artist, scorpio, and student. He documents hauntings on Venus, the euphoria of transsexuality, and the gestations of vampires. He lives in St. Louis where he advocates for sexual health via material distribution and sex education events. He has a lionhead bunny named Mazzy. He can be found on instagram @sillybloodypoems.