Waiting for the End of the World, by Stephanie Valente

Waiting for the End of the World, by Stephanie Valente

Bottlecap Press
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Press.

Stephanie Valente's waiting for the end of the world takes places between the world of the living and the dead. Inspired by the major arcana tarot cards, the poems explores the unstoppable forces of urgency, love, sex, desire, longing, and identity.

The poems remember old lovers, ghosts, imagined romances, undefinable urges, truth-seeking, mythology, and dreams of the future.The poems are comfortable asking the gods questions, without necessarily getting a text back.

Stephanie Valente lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is a Young Adult novelist, short fiction writer, poet, editor, content & social media strategist. In short, she wears many hats. Especially if they have feathers. She is the Founder & Chief Editor of Alt Bride, Fashion Editor at Greenpointers, Associate Editor at Yes, Poetry, Social Media Manager & Columnist at Luna Luna Magazine, and Style Blogger at Kitschy.