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The Walls Have Ears, by Shivani Anora N

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Shivani Anora N
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Poetry, chapbook, 40 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

The Walls Have Ears is a collection of poems with themes of human behaviour, the multitude of human relationships, substances, cosmic energy, and the impacts of all this on one’s cognition. It begs you to lap it up, spit it out, and return for more. It is simultaneously pain and catharsis – words and experiences to mull over and apply to your own life.

Survival is a conscious act. Neurochemicals and substances are described to make up your biochemistry, for better or worse. Love is celebrated and questioned. Celestial bodies become tangible objects. Hope is realistically held onto. These poems, written over the course of ten years, contain imagery and metaphors which still resonate today, proving that humanity traverses time.

A girl yet woman

Composed of love, coffee, growth –

A mind that wanders.

Shivani Anora N is a social worker living in Sydney, Australia who has been published in ZineWest (New Writers’ Group Incorporated) and Hermes (USU). This is her first publication. Contact Shivani at @babypotato.writes on Instagram.