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Bottlecap Press is always looking for fresh new material, and is actively seeking manuscript submissions for chapbooks and full length works, videos for our YouTube channel, and poetry and fiction submissions for our blog! Please send all submissions to

Manuscript submission guidelines:

We are seeking submissions of all types with minimum length of 26 pages (30+ preferred.) We primarily publish chapbooks, but do take on larger projects occasionally, generally up to novella-sized. Please submit your manuscript in full– partial manuscripts will not be read. Manuscripts may include some previously published material with acknowledgments, but ensure that the majority of the content in your manuscript is original and unpublished. Please review our catalog to get a feel for what types of books we’re looking for– most of our books have easy-to-locate excerpts on their pages in our store.

Video submission guidelines:

Bottlecap Press is now accepting submissions for our YouTube channel. Our goal is to curate a submission based digital museum featuring artistic and literary multimedia content. We are searching for poetry, music, art film, storytelling, performance art, animation and more, with a focus on blending of genres and mixed media. Show us something amazing, or something we haven’t seen before. (Traditional single-genre content is, of course, also welcome.) Please email video submissions to and include your name, video title, and description, as well as any tags you’d like to include– files can be attached via Google Drive. We are open to content of any length, and these guidelines are meant to be interpreted broadly. Above all, show us something creative and original. Our channel does not currently generate ad revenue, though we reserve the right to change that in the future.

Blog submissions are temporarily closed.

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