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First Impressions, by Mayadia

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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

We are not always as poised as we would like to be, sometimes my insides twist until they are able to bleed my redemption. In these pages I breathe out the rough excitements of my life. Startups and endings leading to new beginnings. Me taking a chance on myself to step out of my boxes (as the great Ms. Lauryn Hill sings) :).

This collection of poems are my expressions of some of these twisted moments. Moments where it has been so important for me to connect that each step becomes priceless, even if I trip on the door jab walking in. Oops! Don’t hold that against me, please?

“Color me word. Color me song. I dance the hues, writing amongst the stars.”

Mayadia is a multi-expression artist who’s creative spirit is currently being re-rooted beyond her wildest imagination. Her muse is love and her constant contemplations of life and our wonderfully weird experiences therein fuels her art.

“I got my first diary in the fourth grade, and wrote my first song in the sixth grade for only my My seventh grade English teacher gave me my first poetry writing assignment. And though I was the theatre kid in high school, my classmates enjoyed my writing skills and were the first ones to call me a poet.”

Mayadia’s voice is found in these pages and other avenues including instagram and youtube for more access to her creations.