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Maybe That's All There is to It, by Charlie Marks

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Charlie Marks
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Poetry, chapbook, 48 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Maybe That’s All There Is To It, written across the summer and fall of 2022, represents an exercise in starting to build my own spiritual practice and identity. Themes of food, gardening, childhood memories, mathematics, and cults swirl around one another, reflecting on where I came from and where I am going, reflecting on what makes life feel meaningful and what makes it feel unbearable. I believe that this collection of poetry will resonate with anyone who is trying to navigate the isolation of modern, American society and who is striving to find a place in this world that is not only spiritually fulfilling but worth passing down to future generations.

Maybe That’s All There Is To It builds on my previous works, the folk music album, Unbecoming, and poetry chapbook, Where We’ve Been. In these previous works, I have reflected on the journey of unweaving ourselves from the fabric of a society that will not offer us the tenderness and care we need and deserve. But, when we “unbecome” the person that society told us we were supposed to be, the journey of becoming who we ought to be begins. Just because we reclaim the story of our lives, does not mean writing it is any less daunting. This new collection was born from my effort to step into the journey of “becoming”.

Charlie Marks is a folk and roots musician based outside of Reno, Nevada. Maybe That’s All There Is To It is Charlie’s second published collection of poetry, after their debut Where We’ve Been. When not on tour, Charlie spends time with their partner, Jenna, learning the ins and outs of homesteading, raising their growing herd of animals. You can check out Charlie’s music, tour dates, and other miscellania by heading to or Instagram at @charlie_marks_music.