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For Every Dead Buffalo, by tripp j crouse

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tripp j crouse
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

For Every Dead Buffalo is the first stop on the ghost train, Leviathan, charging its course through the waste-landscape of Indigenous diaspora, identity, heartbreak, grief, etc. This chapbook is the culmination of an intensive writing journey across a desolate landscape and a year of personal growth.

The poems contained herein are a selection of how identity is the amalgamation of generational and cultural understanding as well as living in relationship to the land no matter how far from home. My hope that no matter how deeply personal to me, others find kinship and relationship with the words of someone they may never meet.

Chockful of lines, references and paraphrases from some of my literary and musical ideations, part of the overall theme is the meta nature of how we consume art, literature and other external stimuli, and a desire to honor those that have come before us, as well as constantly shaping our current lives and our futures.

tripp j crouse (they/them/she/her) is niizh manidoowag (Two-Spirit) Ojibwe. they write poetry and perform spoken word. tripp serves as a poetry reader for Anomalous Press, or ANMLY, and has poetry published or forthcoming in The Yellow Medicine Review, oddball magazine, Grassroots, Zygote in My Coffee, Words & Whispers, beestung and Rising Phoenix Review. Originally from the Midwest, tripp now calls Dzantik'i Heeni (Juneau, Alaska) home. For Every Dead Buffalo is their first chapbook.