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The Beach Chair, by Billy Brannigan

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Billy Brannigan
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Prose, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

An afternoon at the beach seems like exactly what David needs after his recent breakup. But, when mysterious things start happening right in front of him he’s forced to stop reflecting on the past and start figuring out the present.

A short horror story told from the perspective of a young man sitting in a beach chair and watching the people around him. What would you do if you saw something horrible that couldn’t be explained?

Billy Brannigan began auditioning for television/film after graduating high school. A few years later - he has studied at actor James Franco's school in New York and worked on a vast range of productions. After taking on a lead role in the television program A Crime To Remember as famous serial killer William Heirens, Billy began work on quite a few feature films across a range of streaming platforms. One of these performances lead to a nomination for a "Best Actor" award at a large horror film festival. Brannigan then wrapped principal photography in his biggest movie yet: Schimbarea, a horror movie set to release early next year.