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Crescent Moon and Others that Glow, by Kaitlyn Anderson

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Kaitlyn Anderson
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

This chapbook explores intimate moments with other people and environments. I wanted to capture a series of vibrant interactions throughout university. As a dancer, I am excited by the way poems can capture playfulness and movement. These poems are inspired by my loves in cities like Worcester, NYC, and Dakar. I write out of an appreciation for beauty, vulnerability, and zest and would describe many of the poems as sensual and fun.

This chapbook leads with heart and asks readers to be more mindful of their senses and company. I believe in documenting the flavorful moments. Here, I savor different encounters, as well as the buffet of feelings that can accompany growing older and sometimes wiser. This book of poems is a culmination of memories with lovers, friends, and family and speaks to the magic that is felt and possible while with others.

Kaitlyn is from Kennebunk, Maine. She studied Philosophy at Clark University and graduated with her Masters in International Development. She wrote her thesis on Kristeva and other Continental thinkers and continues to write often. She is a dancer, a student of French and Wolof, and seeks to adventure often with her pals.