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A Knife in the Dark, by Laura Bibby

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Laura Bibby
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Imagine Florence Welch dancing on your moss-covered grave, or Angela Carter writing your eulogy in your own blood. Imagine an autumnal forest haunted by a grotesque fairy tale, or if The Secret Garden lead to the Battle at Weathertop.

A Knife in the Dark is a collection of melancholy poetry edged in hope that conjures these imaginings. It’s the monster that lurks among the reeds of the riverbed you sometimes wade through. It’s the winter roses, dying on your window sill. It’s the tiny spurt of new growth bursting through the crumbling ruins of your sad heart.

Laura Bibby (she/her) is a Brisbane-based writer, editor, and zine maker who loves to write poetry and stories that weave her love of nature with the strange, fantastical, and ominous. When not scribbling in her notebook, she can be found reading poetry for Moss Puppy Magazine, wandering the botanical gardens, or among the stacks of her local bookstore.