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they drink with the sun, by amanda nicole corbin

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amanda nicole corbin
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

In 2019, amanda nicole corbin went to rehab after ten years of struggling with alcoholism. Ever since, she has used creativity as her approach to recovery and reuinted herself with her true love of writing. Through her work, she hopes to create a sense of relatability for those who have been through similar circumstances and a sense of empathy for those who haven’t.

they drink with the sun is amanda nicole corbin’s first micro-chapbook featuring thirteen poems around these experiences. This collection of prose and free verse poems (and one angry little sonnet) showcases the more unseen side of addiction. Through vivid imagery and purposeful diction, amanda nicole corbin conveys the multi-faceted aspects of the loneliness of constant craving, the hell that is withdrawals, and the bittersweet aura of recovery. She invites you to come find the beauty in the pain that finds so many of us.

amanda nicole corbin has had her short-form poetry and prose published in a variety of magazines and journals including Door is a Jar Magazine, Impossible Task, the Notre Dame Review, and more. Her work largely focuses on alcoholism, recovery, and other topics related to mental health. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio and where she spends her time writing, collecting dolls, and playing Magic the Gathering.