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One Enchanted Summer, by Audrey Spuzzillo

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Audrey Spuzzillo
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Poetry, chapbook, 16 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Envelop yourself in One Enchanted Summer' a poetry chapbook that delicately weaves the threads of an ephemeral summer romance. Imbued with the essence of sweet nostalgia and passion, this collection invites readers to traverse the intricate landscapes where romance harmoniously pairs with the enchantments of nature. Entering into a dream-like state that profoundly recalls such a short time.

The hypnotizing journey commences with a prelude, unfolding the origins of a captivating indulgence. As the days intensify in their warmth, so too does the enthusiasm that ignites between the lines, painting a vivid scene of sugary lust and magical moments. Each poem is a recollection of a time that is romanticized by exaggerated detail and sapient exploration into the most honest feelings.

Some poems praise the natural beauties of summer, and how the blooming atmosphere reflects the sensations within oneself. Finding idyllic seclusion in the most simple places, but also the height of youth and all its foolishness. Yet, amidst the intoxicating allure, the chapbook navigates toward a heartbreaking revelation that unveils the fleeting nature of the affair.

Audrey is a poet and illustration artist from Cleveland, OH. She has self-published two illustrated poetry chapbooks, Presence Interrupted and Lost in a Long Moment. Her literary passions find expression in themes such as celestial and romantic subjects, and the personification of nature. Audrey combines her illustrations with her poetry, elevating them to the next level of visual storytelling. She is always looking for ways to break the standards of word and image, and to merge both her passions.