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She Feels Enough, by Zayna Sheridan

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Zayna Sheridan
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

She Feels Enough is Zayna’s first published piece. The chapbook takes a look at Zayna’s personal experience with love, nature, heartbreak, depression, and pain. This book was originally conceived in 2020 when the first two pieces “Voices” and “When You Can’t” were written, since then the idea has grown into this marvelous and meaningful chapbook. The chapbook includes the following pieces:

I Am Not a Star
The First Night
When You Can’t

The book touches on some heavy topics, especially in the pieces “Voices” and “When You Can’t” with some lighter pieces such as “Trees”. The themes of love, heartbreak, and self discovery are also present throughout some of the pieces.

Zayna Sheridan is a current university student who has been working with poetry for over a decade. She competed in Slam Poetry competitions and Spoken Word open mics back home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Zayna has always felt very in touch with her emotions and her relationships to those around her. Join her in her first book to help express those connections and emotions through a poetic vision.