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I Could Go On Like This Forever, by Elmira Elvazova

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Elmira Elvazova
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Poetry, chapbook, 48 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

I Could Go on Like This Forever is a lyrical testament to friendship, love, and the changing seasons. It takes for its subject these eternal themes, not as poetic ends in themselves, but as laments for the transience of lived experience. The speaker in these poems is often surprised by the world around her and finds innumerable ways to surprise herself through the way she applies logic. She knows poetry can make the impossible happen and strives to convince the reader of that impossibility at every turn. In this richly realised and fantastical world, you can fold a year down the middle and send it in a letter to a friend; you can wear the garden, have philosophical conversations with beetles, and lay your arms down nightly on the stars. The poems in this collection seem to be the product of one auspicious day, a day so rare in wonder you want it to last forever.

Elmira Elvazova is a poet living in Scotland. She holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her writing has appeared in Paperbark Literary Magazine, Big Lucks, Route Nine, Big Big Wednesday, The Massachusetts Review, and elsewhere. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh.