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New Galilee, by Shae Krispinsky

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Shae Krispinsky
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Poetry, chapbook, 40 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

When her father died in August of 2021, Shae Krispinsky found herself grieving both her father and the relationship she never got to have with him due to their political and religious differences. Working through this grief brought up unresolved issues with Krispinsky’s identity, spirituality, and sense of belonging. As such, New Galilee tells the story of an “it or you” who:

• Has nine women inside
• Can tell photographs of Pennsylvania by the trees
• Won’t fall asleep at night without praying to something
• Accepted punk rock feminism as a savior
• Grew up in a small, rural town and knew getting out would be the only shot at survival

Shae Krispinsky lives in Tampa, FL, where she fronts the band Navin Avenue, whose sound she describes as Southern Gothic 70s-arena indie rock with a pop Americana twist. Her fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry have appeared Connotation Press, Thought Catalog, The Dillydoun Review, Vending Machine Press, Sybil Journal, and more. She recently released her first novel, Like Lightning, and is currently at work on her band’s second album and her next novel.