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Acid in Georgia, by Jasmine Ledesma

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Jasmine Ledesma
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Prose, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Acid in Georgia is Jasmine Ledesma’s debut chapbook which showcases her draw towards finding the needle in the haystack, the slivers of definitive beauty in everything else hideous. Her electric, bold and distinct style is on full display in these stories. From the initial story Arugula, which focuses on a woman beneath the influence of an unnamed memory disorder to the last story Goblin, a character study of a melancholic, astute girl living out her final days in a small, oblivious town. Through her work, Jasmine is not afraid to use unusual or provocative metaphors, and often prefers to splice her work with odd, striking images. Her work is as sharp and searing as a hot iron.

Acid in Georgia is a wild, vibrant and honest collection which takes an intimate, hard look at what exactly it means to be alive.

Jasmine Ledesma is a twenty-four-year-old writer based in New York. Her work has appeared in or is set to appear in places such as Crazyhorse, Rattle, and [PANK] among others. Her work has been nominated for Best of The Net and twice for the Pushcart Prize. She was named a Brooklyn Poets fellow in 2021. Her novella Shrine was listed as a finalist for the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize. Her poem was highly commended by Warsan Shire for the Moth Poetry Prize. She was awarded the Patricia Clearly Miller Award while in the psychiatric hospital. She was named a Periplus Mentorship Collective fellow in 2022. Acid in Georgia is her first chapbook.