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Anatomy of Hellos and Goodbyes, by Dahra Perez

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Dahra Perez
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Poetry, prose, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Anatomy of Hellos and Goodbyes is exactly that, words that pick apart moments, conversations and scattered mementos trying to find out what leads people in and out of our lives. Written over the course of two relationships, one friendship, two houses and multiple conversations, these pages explore the anatomy of what makes us say goodbye to people and move on, the pain, the excitement and the relief that comes from closing a chapter. Through writing this, the author discovers more about her family, what it takes to love someone, and what it is like to know oneself.

Divided into three parts, the author moves through phases of her life reflecting on old friendships, stories her father told, and things she wishes she could go back and say to people from her past. It is a diary of her growth and realizations, as well as evidence of her mistakes and her shortcomings. This collection of poems challenges the way the author confronts the world, the people around her, and those who aren’t.

Dahra Perez is a writer and storyboard artist born in Mexico. She graduated with a BFA from DigiPen Institute of Technology and a minor in English. Always a romantic, her work explores relationships and all the love that surrounds her life. Her work has been included in publications such as Querencia Winter Anthology 2024. She lives in Washington with her partner and their two cats. You can find her on instagram @dahra.perez or at the nearest bubble tea shop.