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I Am Here and You Are Here with Me, by Kimberly B. Rosa

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Kimberly B. Rosa
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Prose, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

This chapbook is about being in the present moment. It talks about what this character sees in their surroundings, what they are feeling, who they interact with and what's going on in their mind. Kimberly invites the reader to be with this character while they are experiencing these moments in life and the things they do in order to escape their reality. I remember when I stopped picking up your phone calls. I became the version of myself I didn’t want to become. Sad, unattractive, and unbothered.

This character shows signs of depression and isn’t afraid to express it. The characters stays true to itself being honest with the reader on what’s happening what their ambitions are and how to move forward in this lifetime.

Kimberly B. Rosa (she/they) is a writer based in New York City, The Bronx where they explore movement of memory and mind. Their work, "FLY", was published in The BXWriter’s Anthology Book Vol.1 and "Men Always Go for the Meat" in MASKS Literary Magazine. This is their first chapbook.