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Just Another Poet Alone with Herself Again, by Michelle Freya

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Michelle Freya
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Michelle Freya’s Just Another Poet Alone with Herself Again is a dedication to the relationship a writer has with their own words and solitude. This collection uses both nature and nostalgia as its metaphorical instruments, and the melody is the experience of looking back at moments in life met with bewilderment toward the unknown.

These poems embody free-spiritedness, unrequited love, the bitter and the sweet of being alone, commitment phobia, writer’s block, and everlasting reminiscence.

Michelle Freya deems the book a devotion to her own experiences and “for the people who offer fragments of their soul to the written word.”

The UK-born and Canada-raised 22-year-old poet lives in the beautiful city of Vancouver and self proclaims as a “writer with wings” due to the ongoing eagerness to take off and feel new things. Introspection and conflict around time inspire the root of her work the most.