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His Boyfriend Materials, by Stephen Yuffrida Brown

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Stephen Yuffrida Brown
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Poetry, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

His Boyfriend Materials is the debut chapbook by Stephen Yuffrida Brown. It is a brief exploration into the validity and nuance of temporary connection, particularly in the context of queer romance and hookup culture. Navigating seduction, tenderness, outrage, and loneliness, it clings to a lingering optimism. Rather than the classic hope left behind in Pandora's box, however, this takes the form of the sudden spark and ignition of new attraction.

Stephen Yuffrida Brown (he/him) is a writer-activist with a Philly attitude and an academic background in LGBT+ studies. He is currently pursuing his MFA in the halls of Rathalla, a decadent Gilded Age castle just off the Philadelphia Main Line. In his professional life, Stephen is dedicated to the belief that art shapes ideology and that education is crucial for achieving social justice and social mobility. Managing Editor of Rathalla Review, his fiction and poetry have appeared in Tofu Ink Press, SCAB Mag, Beneath the Soil, Querencia Press, Wicked Gay Ways, and others.