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LIKE MOSS, by Grace Olscamp

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Grace Olscamp
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

In parrot fish and sandstone, find laughter. In fungi and sunsets, find the strength of women. In coyote ribs and ponderosa pines, find yourself. Nature constantly touches our lives, whether we consider ourselves “outdoorsy” or not, and provides the space to mend, connect, inspire, and act.

Ranging from intimate to irreverent, Olscamp’s debut collection, LIKE MOSS, is a wandering through her life-long relationship with the natural world. Each poem exposes pieces of this complex relationship and invites readers to reflect on their own place in nature.

Grace Olscamp (she/her) is a creator and curiosity craver. Her life is immersed in the natural world — whether exploring it or advocating for it in her professional career. She uses her connection to the outdoors to heal, play, and create change. She is currently based in Eugene, Oregon, where she writes, makes pottery, and adventures with her husband and their two dogs. LIKE MOSS is her first published work.