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My Best Friend Named Nostalgia, by Park Pehrson

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Park Pehrson
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

My Best Friend Named Nostalgia is a collection of reflection, defining those conflicting emotions you could never comprehend until it was too late. A look back on childhood, attempting to piece back together where everything fell apart. Within these seven poems is a life story dissected to understand and to heal.

Although life can unfortunately never be that simple, it can be heard. The screams into the void do not have to go silent, but can find refuge in the words of another. To have lived is to have been known, for the worst parts of yourself, to the days a smile could not leave your face. You can feel both pain and love and still matter to what could be seen as a cold world. There is still sunshine to be felt. My Best Friend Named Nostalgia gives a place to see, feel, and read the complications and simplicities of this life.

Park Pehrson is currently attending Utah Valley University for a degree in Creative Writing and Literature. She has been writing short stories and poems since she was old enough to count. She was previously published her senior year of high school in Dixie State University's Southern Quill magazine. Park enjoys writing about happiness, heartbreak, and love, and is an avid Jane Austen fan.