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Purple Heart, by Adaobi Chiemelụ

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Adaobi Chiemelụ
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Purple Heart is not just a collection of poetry, it's a documented journey. It was one of those days we met someone on a bright, well-meaning Sunday and it was that one out of a million Facebook chats that hit it off on a remarkable note!

A couple of poems like Sungazing, show you at first that this was mutual. Some others like Ọjị tell you that everything was going great! Even Old Eyes speak promising, until Confession, until Dreams…

These poems are built to riddle you in. You are made welcome to watch another old love story turn into a battle with self.

Was there truly love or was she in a relationship with herself all this time?

Adaobi Chiemelụ hails from the Idemmili heartland of Anambra, Nigeria. She is a poet whose works have appeared online either self-published or featured by other artists. When she is not getting sunkissed for another selfie that may or may not make it to Instagram, she is on Spotify or YouTube building her channel while binge watching series. Purple Heart is her first chapbook.