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She Reminds Me, by Bryan G. Olivas Orozco

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Bryan G. Olivas Orozco
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

These words are the wind upon your back while you're running to the one you love. The energy within these poems are the stars aligning and waves collapsing. This is finding the beloved when not looking for them on an auspicious night. The way your heart expands when you are loved deeper than any other romantic and intellectual connection before. Ultimately loving and separating from the beloved has inspired me to give fuller and receive unconditionally. This story tells that love is worth it; it is the expansion of consciousness. Let us take the moment always to pray for the ones we love and say “I love you" to the ones here.

She Reminds Me is built on grief and yet plants the seeds of joy and presence. That sadness I felt from being alone taught me how to find wholeness within myself. I was cooked by the separation from a girlfriend; a beloved friend. I then poured that longing and hope into many writings and poems, some of which are illuminated here. The intention of writing was to honor the love I was given and peace I found within myself. The intention in sharing is to inspire you to share. You are worthy just for being, all of us are deserving if we believe. I hope these words reach you and whisper into your ear. I hope the clouds shower you in blessings not conceived of. I hope that the laughter is always on your side. I hope and hope and hope and hope you do too!

Bryan is a writer, artist, and photographer living in Austin, Texas. His artistic work is centered around honoring experience and inspiring exploration. His mantra is “our words are powerful and shape our relationship with everything.” A believer in synchronicities and someone divinely protected, Bryan invites you to join him in the field. Invites us all to not take this too seriously, only to play like children while we still can.