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Roses in our Afropuffs, by Cieara Estelle

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Cieara Estelle
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Roses in our Afropuffs is a song to girlhood, a taste of a time when dreaming was second nature. A small slice of poems and stories of days long gone and moments still felt. It is about girls, unencumbered girls, Black girls.

This collection is a musing on coming of age, and the experiences that remind us of what it was like when we were free, leaving us with hope that maybe we still could be. Marshmallow light and yet dense enough to sit in your soul long after you finish reading.

Cieara Estelle is a writer. Born, raised, and living in Detroit, her stories explore Black community and family, intergenerational dynamics, and womanhood. Her work has appeared in TORCH and Midnight and Indigo. She is a Kresge Gilda award recipient for fiction.