I See You (A Celebratory Poem to People), by Hayden Kasal-Barsky-Print Books-Bottlecap Press

I See You (A Celebratory Poem to People), by Hayden Kasal-Barsky

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Hayden Kasal-Barsky
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Poetry, chapbook, 32 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

I See You is a poem for every child, every mother, every father, every working woman, every student, every teacher, and every person every day who works to overcome the world. I see you is a free verse poem meant to celebrate the different personalities, talents, struggles, and hard work of different individuals in society. Everyday the sun rises to wake up towns, cities, and countries and within them are hardworking blue-collar workers, managers, principles, politicians, and people from all walks of life. This poem isn’t aimed at one person or group of people in modern society, rather everyone collectively. As a nineteen-year-old I’ve witnessed immense division amongst the people of this country spanning from war, hatred, politics, etc. This division has broken my heart but inspired me to write this poem and bring at least a few people together. Although I know that this poem won’t change the world, I hope that it can at least inspire some degree of love, acceptance, and understanding. Even though people say it’s easier said than done, that’s all it takes. So fellow humans: read this poem, go up to every person you interact with in a day, and tell them: “Through every division, argument, debate, or trouble, I see you”.

Hayden Kasal-Barsky is a nineteen-year-old poet local to Oregon and Hawaii. Hayden is currently studying Elementary Education and Special Education at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa but is also passionate about animals, humanitarian work, film, and of course writing. Hayden started writing poetry during the Covid-19 pandemic to deal with anger and depression. She stopped writing for about a year but was prompted to start writing again after reciting a poem at her school’s gubernatorial event. Hayden’s heaving a poem titled “The Stalwart Coven” published in an anthology by Indie Earth Publishing, a poem titled “Justice Runs Away” by Musing Publications, four poems included in an anthology titled Dreams In Hiding, a poem titled “Eyes” and “No Glass” in Soul Talk Magazine, and a poem titled “Twas a Nation” included into the Fall 2022 issue by Querencia Press. Hayden considers herself a beginner poet but intends to improve her writing over the next few years and dreams of one day becoming Poet Laureate.