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The Year I Shared My Poetry, by Danielle Camille Dollar

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Danielle Camille Dollar
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

The Year I Shared My Poetry is the first curation of poems from my diaries, post-its, napkins, and notes app from ages 19 to 27.

Through the pages here is a glimpse into bouts of stillness in my never-repeating day to day. Traveling in vans with musicians around the US and across the pond, walks in my hometown Atlanta. Falling in love, then out of love, and living with many different best friends. My favorite tree in my backyard, my morning coffee. Growing up in the “Bible Belt” while getting in touch with my own desire- part of which was the conclusion to share these small creations of mine I had been keeping so secret and close.

This is me doing my best to wink back at the present moment when it seems to be winking at me. A wrangling of my inner dialogue, turning my conscious into prose and time-stamping my most personal experiences in life, this chapbook is my collection of success stories in a practice of cherished lucidity.

Danielle Camille Dollar is a 27 year-old lighting designer, musician, and poet based in Atlanta, GA. She received a B.S. in Psychology from Georgia State University and continues to have an affinity for the subconscious and personality. In addition to her lighting career and music projects, she helps run Poetry is Pretentious, a poetry website and press created by four friends, hosting monthly events in Atlanta.