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Split, by Jade Han

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Jade Han
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Split gives voice to the declarations and the dreams of a boundless spirit perpetually aspiring for more, and to break free of the boundaries and boxes the world so desires to keep them in. A soul accustomed to living in the liminal in-between, between ethnicities, cultures, and the gender binary, Han explores the spaces where belonging exists, where it never has, and where they have forged it for themself.

Writing imbued with contradictions reflects the inconsistencies in the expectations of an insatiable, never-satisfied world. Breaking down and inspecting the concept of identity from every point of view, Han removes the idea of the self from every other voice telling them who to be, creating a space where the self can simply exist.

Jade Han is a mixed Korean and Mexican poet from Chicago, IL. They were a featured poet in Papers Publishing and have been published in Outland Magazine, ONE ART Poetry Journal, Flurry Magazine, and Cool Beans Lit. Their work explores the different aspects of their identity and how they interact with one another. Han is currently a staff member of Ignatian Literary Magazine and a staff poet for Dalika Magazine. Alongside writing, they work as a barista and spend their time skateboarding and sketching.