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I'm Stuck in Limbo, But Please Don't Save Me, by Cypress Wilde

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Cypress Wilde
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Poetry, chapbook, 40 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

I’m Stuck in Limbo, but Please Don’t Save Me. is the debut poetry chapbook of Cypress Wilde. It encompasses seven years of poetry and endless thoughts. The author is wandering through Limbo and invites the reader on their journey through the unknown. Each poem has its own destiny, ranging from abuse, heartache, revenge, love, and acceptance. The writer begs the question “will I be heard” longingly awaiting the reader's answers. WIll they write back?

Through body horror and disability, wrapped within the outskirts of Hell, the writer is running through a dark dense forest that has caved in and swallowed them whole. There are people chasing them, people that they have known for too long, people you are scared of.

Though the writer does not wish to be saved, they do want the world to hear their plea: that the world is indeed filled with the monsters of their dreams. Can anyone save them?

Cypress Wilde (they/she) is a disabled and chronically ill queer artist based in New Jersey. They are pursuing a career in art, writing, marine biology, and anything else they can get their hands on. They live with their partner and their dog, Syren. And is a nerd at heart, in all forms. You can always catch them listening to a rock band! She loves writing darker pieces and folk horror.