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Suitably Mangled, by Lee Gill

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Lee Gill
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Suitably Mangled is an exercise in divine bleeding. Written in a dynamic variety of styles, this small compilation of poems will bring readers from the cold streets of New York City’s Lower East Side to stormy high seas to the edge of sanity itself.

With Suitably Mangled, Lee Gill conveys his effort to process and express his experiences with addiction, racism, mental illness, general societal ills and spiritual revelations. Through the trials that come with personal transformation, Gill has found poetry as the North Star to guide him through the dramatic transitions. It is his hope that this chapbook helps the reader navigate their own mazes and come out on the other side as whole and serene beings.

Lee Gill is a poet based in the New Jersey/New York area. Outside of poetry, he’s had the privilege of writing critical music and movie reviews, short stories, religious sermons and political speeches. When Lee is not writing, he’s engaging in social activism and studying the occult.