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Love Uncouth, by Carey Adams

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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

"This collection of poems was written in regards to a span of six months worth of experiences. A mixture of personal musings on my love life during that time and the occasional interjection of my psychosis, it documents the losing of a perceived ideal and gaining something worth more.

Because this is not a narrative that would allow the reader to fully understand the timeline of events, these poems may seem disjunct and random. The hope is that some will strike a chord in your soul, rather than tell a story."

—Carey Adams

Carey Adams is a hopeless romantic diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and is in her mid 20's. She studies philosophy at university and hopes to someday become a professor. Carey spent her high-school years not in school - but instead living a model’s life in Miami and New York, which led her to abuse drugs, a difficulty for her, but also claims it allowed her to experience many things most people do not in their lifetimes, shaping her personality. Around age 18 or 19, she had a psychotic break which led her to quit the industry. She enjoys traveling alone, observing the effects of her psychosis, and “wondering what it all means”. She is "in love with love", and pursues it in all that she does.