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To the Person You Once Were, by Lea Siegler

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Lea Siegler
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

To The Person You Once Were is part love-letter, part diary entry and all things in between. It is a collection of poems that has been growing over the past nine months, with the central theme being a first real and rough heartbreak.

To The Person You Once Were changes moods rapidly between being thankful for past experiences and being incredibly angry at someone for tainting memories that were once perfectly untouchable.

It depicts the helplessness of being left, especially at an age of just starting to come into oneself. There is no conclusion to be drawn from this chapbook, since it is left as unfinished as the emotional journey it follows. Some things take time, but there are only so many pages one can write about another person. To The Person You Once Were is simply about getting to share the things you never had a chance to say.

Lea Siegler is a part-time poet and full-time student of English and art history. She believes in magic more than she does in reality, she loves fiercely and she writes passionately. When she isn’t reading, writing or occasionally studying, you can probably find her somewhere with her friends; the place doesn’t matter, but the people do. There is nothing she values more than family, born as well as found. Her poetry is featured in Coven Edition’s deathcap magazine. This is her first collection of poetry.