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Whirs, Snaps, Clicks and Clacks, by Max Kerwien

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Max Kerwien
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Whirs, Snaps, Clicks and Clacks is a collection of poetry about the human body. Like knees cracking or a slight sigh, there are noises we make just going about our day. They add a soundtrack to our lives, sometimes harmless, sometimes ominous. Max Kerwien, informed by his experience with disability and Crohn’s Disease, writes on the inconvenient responsibility of having a body.

Max Kerwien is a disabled poet and comedian. In 2016, he won the Joan Grayston Poetry Prize. His work has been published in Arboreal Magazine, Bricolage, decomp Journal, and more. He lives in Los Angeles, where he aspires to one day be a stunt double for the Muppets.