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Earthquake Warnings, by Alexandra Fleder

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Alexandra Fleder
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Poetry, chapbook, 24 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Earthquake Warnings describes a summer in Los Angeles when the sun was stalled, stripped of its kerosene rudder by a man-made force.

It’s a reaction to a time when the poles could spontaneously reverse, the heavens could unfold and release an asphyxiating dust, or earth could crack open and swallow you up—into a vortex or portal, maybe a star-gate or black hole.

Then you might be propelled into a spiraling critique of how your life turned out.  

It’s a kind of reckoning—how you make sense of the past, and reshape it into something glimmering, free of all fallacy and made fresh into tendrils of hope that emanate from the heart like a flashing beacon, a resonance that reaches it target and detonates into authenticity and meaning, leading to a life of honesty and devotion.

Alexandra Fleder is a poet, herbalist, oracle and sometimes a fairy teller. She lives with her two blind cats in her native Los Angeles.