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Feral Ecology, by Elijah Guerra

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Elijah Guerra
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Prose poetry, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

The fourteen prose poems in Feral Ecology tear scabs and scraps from Shakespeare plays, draping them across surreal landscapes of climate doom. Do not mistake the glint and glow of these crystalline fragments as beauty. It is a putrid miasma seeping from the earth’s wounds, where beings—real and mythological—bloom grotesquely.

A god awakens in her grave at the perimeter of time; one devil interviews another during a cosmic storm; Titus Andronicus’s Lavinia rides a dark horse along the shore of Styx, with the vengeance of Philomela, Diana, and Io in her veins. This brief constellation of poems is wrought with prophecies and omens strange and familiar.

Elijah Guerra (they/them) is a finalist for Gasher's 2023 Bennett Nieberg Transpoetic Broadside Prize. Their poems are featured or forthcoming in DREGINALD, Apricity Magazine, TXTOBJX, Permafrost, ballast, Broken Lens Journal, and Fourteen Hills. You can find them online at http://www.elijahguerra.com/