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I'm Getting Hungry (So Are You), by Murphy Jaymes

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Murphy Jaymes
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

I’m Getting Hungry (So Are You) begins as a bottomless yearning for connections with others and contemplates the role one has outside of relationships. This collection compares love, and the desire to be loved, as necessary, nourishing, and sticky as food. Love becomes making food, love becomes eating food, and love means one is the thing to be consumed.

A wonderful and terrifying thing to love and be loved, I’m Getting Hungry (So Are You) puts a twist on horror characters like zombies and vampires and makes them your human partner and at times the reader themselves. Separated into three parts, this chapbook encourages the reader to be a part of this frenetic relationship and reflect on the power we give others.

Murphy Jaymes is a published writer, voracious cinephile, and law student. They have loved art, books, and writing since childhood and have dedicated their life to see as many beautiful things as they can on a very limited budget. Much of Murphy’s work centers on their admiration of faith, the places they’ve traveled to, the people they have loved, and the feeling that music like Pink Martini evokes in them. An admittedly horrible cook, they have always resonated deeply with the concept of food being love and are fascinated with the concept of love being consumption and potentially overindulgence. A New Jersey native, Murphy has lived in Philadelphia, New Hampshire, Brooklyn, and currently resides in Oregon. This is their first published work of poetry.