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Black Liquorice on the Rocks, by Ken LéMarchand

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Ken LéMarchand
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

Black Licorice On The Rocks is a poetry collection with a bite. Like its namesake drink, these poems offer a bracing exploration of life's realities, both sweet and sour. Dive into heartbreak, loss, and self-discovery with a touch of whimsy, celebrating resilience along the way.

Fresh metaphors and pop-culture winks challenge your perspective, revealing beauty in the overlooked. Whether it's a blossoming love or a darkly funny heartbreak, Black Licorice On The Rocks leaves a unique aftertaste that lingers.

Ken LéMarchand is a published writer and poet based in Maine, USA. His work has appeared in literary publications such as The Winged Moon Magazine, The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press, and Gypsophila Zine. LéMarchand's debut poetry collection, Stained Love Like Egyptian Cotton, is available on He holds a Master of Arts in Creative Writing & English, graduating cum laude from Southern New Hampshire University. Currently, LéMarchand is a blogging entrepreneur who combines his poetic voice with online content creation through his platform, Wandering Metaphors, which offers insightful writing on Substack and podcast episodes on Spotify.