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maybe., by Sydney Cloonan

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Sydney Cloonan
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Poetry, chapbook, 36 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

maybe. is a collection of poetry that chronicles the lifespan of a relationship that was never meant to last. From the thrill of new feelings, to the searing ache of letting go, to renewed hope for something better, maybe. invites the reader to remember the exhilarating highs and heartbreaking lows of falling into and out of love.

Written in simple, straightforward language, maybe.’s aim is to be at once deeply confessional and widely accessible to poetry lovers and novices alike. The writing in this collection is intended to give shape to and space for our most secret feelings, the ones that aren’t always easy to name, but are too profound to ignore.

Sydney Cloonan is a speech-language pathologist living in Queens, New York. Sydney has been writing for close to 25 years, but this is her first published chapbook. When she’s not working at a special ed elementary school in Brooklyn, you can find her baking treats for her small business, Bird & Bear Bakeshop, listening to true crime podcasts, or eating peanut butter right from the jar.