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Hymns for a Screech Owl, by Jared Salyers

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Jared Salyers
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Poetry, chapbook, 28 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

As tender and as fierce as the Appalachian hills they come from, the poems within Hymns For A Screech Owl navigate the tensions that arise between the past and the present, the mythic and the mundane, between memory and experience.  Full of prayer, flood-swollen creeks, broken relationships, and new life, the poems that comprise this collection chronicle the ways in which the truths that shape a life are made.

In Hymns For A Screech Owl, Jared Salyers offers up poems sharp in both narrative and image that take their reader on a journey to the dead center of the heart - and to the unseen things that often come to roost in its rafters.

Jared Salyers is a writer and teacher from Carter County, Kentucky.  He received his MA in English from Morehead State University, where he served as an Instructor of English.  He currently teaches at West Carter High School.  His work has appeared in several literary publications, including Trajectory and TOAD.  He lives and writes in and old house on an older hill with his wife, son, four cats, and a very large German Shepherd.