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The Predestination of a Daughter, by Lilly Rogers

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Lilly Rogers
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Poetry, prose, chapbook, 20 pages, from Bottlecap Features.

When we look in the mirror, who looks back at us? The Predestination of a Daughter is a written window into the growing pains, in the various forms they may take, that encompass girlhood. Through prose and poetry, Rogers explores how relationships, expectations, and surroundings shape one’s sense of self and identity, and, ultimately, these pieces work together to answer the question: “How much of ourselves is made up of others?”

To be ourselves is one thing, yet to find ourselves is entirely another. In the context of girlhood, these tasks are often halted, as how can one understand themself if they are constantly working to be understood? Through this written exploration of the transition to womanhood, the inherent longing, fury, and fight that accompany being a girl, are traveled through, as well as the role that outside forces play on the formation of individuality.

All things in life- including our own personal journeys- have a beginning and an ending. What are we if not an accumulation of all of these?

Lilly Rogers is current university student, and an aspiring poet and writer. The Predestination of a Daughter, is her first published chapbook, though she hopes to someday publish more. Outside of writing, she’s very passionate about mental health advocation, and hopes to someday practice as a psychologist.